Many Crab apples are ripening now giving an excellent display. We are growing six varieties that are also really good for making Jelly! If making jelly pick as the fruits colour up well.
Crab apples have a number of attributes – flowering abundantly in the spring, colourful fruits in the Autumn, some have persisting fruits that give a great long display and are a source of food for birds!
Crab apple Butterball ripeningJohn Downie is the most well known variety, but we grow varieties just as good if not better. Gorgeous (pictured top) has bright red round good sized crabs right now that will last some time. Same for Harry Baker with its large circular dark purple apples. Wisley Crab has even larger purple fruits.
The aptly named Butterball (right)is a little later ripening but now the apples are gaining their yellow/butter colour. The latest ripening variety Red Sentinel has some way to go before reaching full colour but lasts the longest of the crabs into the New year & can be a valuble source of food for birds in harsh spells in the winter.