We are growing a fresh crop for winter 2022-23. You are welcome to order now for delivery or collection from late November when dormant.

Fruit trees from Walcot Organic Nursery

The fruit tree nursery has been established to grow organic fruit trees for sale suitable for all situations from small gardens to traditional orchards. We grow a wide selection of

  • Apples – dessert, culinary, cider & colourful crab apples.
  • Pears suitable for growing in most parts of the UK.
  • Plums & Gages of all sorts that ripen between July and September
  • a selection of Damsons that ripen through September
  • attractive quinces with their large golden fruits
  • a range of fruit bushes & raspberry canes to compliment the trees grown.
  • a selection of rootstocks for small scale grafting projects
  • available bare rooted when dormant from late November to March

Located in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire we aim to offer a wide selection of fruit trees and to assist customers in making their choice in planting. With some plums ripening from July and some apples being able to be stored well into the following year fruit from the varieties we grow can be available for a large part of the year..

All fruit trees are dispatched bare rooted from late November until late March while dormant, the best time for planting. Though we deliver mail order by carrier the majority of our orders, collection is welcomed.