With the ‘Beast from the East’ now relaxing its grip its good to know that fruit trees are of great benefit to wildlife. Here are a couple of photos of a flock of Fieldfare, I think, feeding on Crab apple Red Sentinel on Saturday in my back garden. It looks rather dark but it was quite a dark, dismal day!

I choose to plant this tree more as an ornamental, though the apples can easily be picked to make Fieldfare feating on crab applesJelly, because of its winter interest – bright red fruits well into the winter.

Over the years it is a supply of winter bird food and in harsh spells, like we have been experiencing flocks of Fieldfare, thrush & Blackbird can descend upon it! This variety classed as a Siberian crab apple is the latest to fruit of the five varieties of Crab Apple we grow. so may benefit birds the most.

However all are very productive from a young age, nice spring flowers bright colourful fruits at different times through the autumn and winter with their fruits ideal for picking and making into Jellies.