A selection of items for sale to aid fruit tree establishment.

  • Buckle ties

    Buckle ties


    Made of strong flexible plastic 60cm / 24" long with a block to place between the tree and stake.

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  • Soft Tree TiesNEW!

    Soft Tree Ties


    Tied in a 'figure of 8' around the the tree & stake these 40cm tree ties are easy to use. The moulded grooves provide firm yet gentle support. The ties have some elasticity so will stretch as the tree grows and they are adjustable if larger changes are required.

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  • Flexguard



    Protects againest rabbits and garden machinery. Made of black mesh which allows viewing & good air circulation. Used a lot by commercial growers. 65cm tall

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  • Spiral guard

    Spiral guard


    Protects againest rabbits and garden machinery. 60cm tall. Clear plastic for viewing through.

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  • 'Rootgrow' mycorrhizal fungi

    'Rootgrow' mycorrhizal fungi


    The benefits of plant friendly mycorrhizal fungi are well documented including improving plant establishment. The fungi assist plants to develop better root systems that means improved establishment and early growth. 150g sachets enough to treat 5-8 trees. Sprinkle the granules onto damp roots.

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  • 'Rootgrow + Gel' Mycorrhizal fungi

    'Rootgrow + Gel' Mycorrhizal fungi


    The same as the granules above but larger satchets suitable for greater quantities of trees with a gel for making a liquid dip that coats the roots with mycorrhizal fungi.  360g packets enough for around 20-25 trees.

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  • Growing Fruit book

    Growing Fruit book


    We often recommend this RHS book by the former Fruit Officer at RHS Wisley Gardens so we thought we would supply it. It covers top fruit & soft fruit and the different forms of growing in detail, soil requirments and much more.

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  • How to Prune an Apple TreeNEW!

    How to Prune an Apple Tree


    An excellent little book that takes the reader through three stages - formative pruning early in a trees life followed by maintenance pruning to get a balance of growth & fruit production and finally restorative pruning to improve older trees vigour, shape & fruiting.   

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