Plums, Gages & Damsons

Our selection of Plum, Gage and Damson trees - dessert, dual purpose and culinary is always widening. Gages are a distinct group of plums being the sweetest. We also have a number of damson tree varieties available. All ripen from late July into September. All grown on our fruit tree nursery.

The Plum season lasts from late July until September with most varieties ripening during August. There are Plum trees to buy to suit everyone. Choose from well known varieties such as Victoria to the less well known but just as desirable varieties. Plums can be divided into three categories: 

- dessert - are best eaten fresh. Gages are the sweetest.

- dual purpose - can be cooked or eaten as a dessert plum. There is a wide selection of dual purpose varieties including Czar, Victoria, Marjories Seedling, Heron, etc. 

- culinary - best cooked or made into jams. Some are acceptable as a dessert such as Pershore Purple. Usually their fruit are large, so less stones in your desserts! 

Damsons ripen mostly into September. Though not edible like plums their uses are varied. We offer a small range of Damson trees for sale that will grow well in most situations. 

The Plum, Gage & Damson trees for sale are available as bare rooted one year 'maiden' trees being lifted and dispatched when dormant from November onwards. They vary in size according to the variety but many are over 1.8m / 6' tall and will require reducing in height after planting to encourage branching at a nice height for picking fruit in the future. There is advice on this site and a helpful cultural leaflet will be enclosed with every order. 

We offer them on different rootstocks which detemines the ultimate size of the trees:

St Julien A - moderate vigour

Pixy - semi dwarfing, a little less vigorous than St Julien. Just a few varieties offered on this rootstock.        

Brompton - vigorous, suitable for growing into standard trees. These are not available winter 2016-17 because of rootstock failure. A selection will be available on this rootstock winter 2017-18.

When delivering we use 1.8m long cartons. The taller plums and damsons will have to be reduced a little. Having planted the trees you can reduce the height further to the desired height. 

You may buy at any time of the year. We keep our availability up to date. We will then contact you to arrange delivery or collection when the plants have become dormant.