We offer a widening selection of Pear trees for sale suited to the British climate and now Perry Pears. The Pear trees to buy are all dessert varieties apart from one, and most of them have been bred in the UK. Pears trees will grow well in a well drained but moisture retentive soil and will start to fruit early after planting.

The pear trees for sale are available as barerooted one year 'maiden' trees being lifted and dispatched when dormant from November onwards. They vary in size according to the variety. For example Concorde is usually 90 - 120cm / 3-4' tall whereas Beurre Hardy is often around 1.8m / 6' tall. You may buy pear trees at any time of the year. We keep our availability up to date. We will then contact you to arrange delivery or collection when the plants have become dormant.

Perry Pears are traditionally grown in the three counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire they make large long lived trees and the fruit is used to make Perry, the pear equivalent of cider. Grown on a vigorous rootstock they can make large trees suitable for grazing beneath.