A selection of Gage trees are offered for sale. Though they are the sweetest of the plums they are a distinct group.  Most varieties ripen during August. When ripe they are usually green, hence the name Greengage, or yellow. The different Gage trees for sale are detailed below and there is more information on Gages and growing them at the bottom of this page.

All Gages are available as 'maidens' on moderate vigour St Julien A rootstock.

Discount information - the following discounts apply on total order value, excluding carriage - 5% on 5+ trees, 10% on 10+ trees. Carriage based on quantity - see the Delivery page for more details.

Gage trees are dispatched between late November and early April when dormant.

Having ordered we will reserve and confirm your order before being in contact as soon as we can during the dormant season to arrange delivery or collection.

  • Cambridge Gage

    Cambridge Gage


    Produces the classic Greengage fruit. An excellent rich flavoured gage. Medium sized round fruits with yellow green bloomy skin and yellow flesh. Sweet and juicy. Partially self fertile. Small trees now approx 3' /90cm hence reduced price.

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  • Coe's Golden Drop

    Coe's Golden Drop


    An excellent late Gage picked from mid September and extending the plum picking season. Large in size, with golden yellow skin and red spots and lines. The golden yellow flesh is juicy sweet and of rich flavour. Requires pollination. Raised first in Suffolk in late 1700s.

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  • Count Althan's Gage

    Count Althan's Gage


    A fine quality gage. The large fruits have a purple skin over a yellow background with lots of golden dots and a thick bloom. The golden yellow flesh is sweet, juicy and of good flavour. Fruits mid August. A reliable cropper, but is not self fertile.

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  • Jefferson's Gage

    Jefferson's Gage


    A Gage that originated in the US and is named after an American president. Fruiting from late august the Gages are yellow green skinned with red dots. The flesh is golden yellow, sweet and of good flavour.

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  • Oullin's Gage

    Oullin's Gage


    Large round oval dual purpose gage plum. Greenish yellow skin with similar coloured flesh. Juicy and sweet with a pleasant flavour. Self fertile and a good pollinator. Introduced from France in the mid 1800s.

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The Greengage arose in all likelihood in central Asia coming into Europe, with whatever name, through Italy. It progressed to France with Princess Claudia's marriage to Francis 1, who reigned 1494-1547. There the trees were given the name Reine Claude. The Reine Claude is a round plum, green juicy & very sweet.

It came to the UK through the Gage family of Firle Park, Sussex, hence given the name Greengage in the UK. Since its arrival in the UK, as on the continent, cross breeding has taken place resulting in other varieties. Some that are very similar to the Reine Claude / Greengage ie Cambridge Gage are termed as Greengages. Others like Coe's Golden Drop are refered to as Gages. All come under the term Gages having a similar sweetness & fine flavour of the original Reine Claude / Greengage.