• Waterloo



    Heart shaped fruit glossy red black in colour becoming almost black when ripe. Rich in flavour being juicy & sweet. Quite early to ripen in early July. Raised in 1815 and first fruited shortly after the Battle of Waterloo hence the name.

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Cherries are the first of the fruit trees in the UK to crop from late June. Flowering in April and May they are soon into fruiting. A tree loaded with bright cherries is quite a sight. Pick earlier if you prefer cherries sharper or leave to ripen more on the tree.

Cherry tree growing has been revolutionised over recent years. The advent of more dwarf rootstocks has revived commercial growing meaning earlier fruiting, easier picking, pruning and protection. As a result of cherry breeding programmes in the UK, Canada & Europe new cherry tree varieties have been raised, including self fertile varieties such as Sunburst & Stella, that have doubled the size of fruits.