We offer organic blackcurrant varieties that have a spread of fruiting from late June through July. Easy to grow, heavy cropping they will provide lots of nutritious summer fruits for many years if maintained well. All offered as organic plants.

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Blackcurrant bushes are dispatched between late November and early April when dormant.

Having ordered we will acknowledge your order before being in contact as soon as we can from late November to arrange delivery or collection. Payment will not be taken until October.

  • Ben Connan

    Ben Connan


    An early season fruiting Blackcurrant that is high yielding with large berries. Good for organic growing with mildew and leaf midge resistance. Cropping is from late June through most of July.

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  • Ben Gairn

    Ben Gairn


    Ben Gairn is an early ripening large fruited blackcurrant with resistance to Blackcurrant Reversion Virus. Medium sized berries with a very good flavour. Bushes grow to be of a compact shape.

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  • Ben Hope

    Ben Hope


    A very high yielding variety, producing medium sized berries on long strigs. Has a very good flavour. It is a strong grower with an upright habit and good disease resistance. Because of this it is a good variety for organic growing.

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You will notice that the three varieties available start with 'Ben'. They are varieties that have been bred at the Scottish Crops Research Institute, now James Hutton Institute near Dundee which has developed a number of Blackcurrant varieties since the 1950s named after Scottish mountains.

This breeding programme has aimed to improve, with new varieties, the frost tolerance, heaviness & regularity of fruiting, quality & nutrition of the fruit, uprightness of growth and disease resistance. Commercially funded because 95% of the UK Blackcurrant production goes to make Ribena. However, as with new cherry varieties, small growers can now benefit from the fruits of the research with these excellent high yielding varieties.

Easy to grow and very productive for more advice on initial planting and future pruning visit the Growing fruit bushes advice page.