Blackberry & Hybrid Berries

We all know the Blackberry (or Bramble) growing wild in the UK in hedgrerows and uncultivated places that produce small fruits. From these wild relatives have come cultivated varieties with larger fruits and some that are thornless. Hybrid berries - the Tayberry & Loganberry - are a result of crossing various Rubus species including the Raspberry, Blackberry & Dewberry and are grown in a similar way to Blackberries.

For the first time we are offering some of these plants that are an excellent addition to any fruit garden. We do not grow Black & Hybrid berries ourselves but offer non organic plants.

Discount information - the following discounts apply on total order quantity - 5% on 5+, 10% on 10+. Carriage based on quantity - see the Delivery page for more details.

Blackberries & Hybrid berries are dispatched between late November and early April when dormant.

Having ordered we will acknowledge your order before being in contact as soon as we can from late November to arrange delivery or collection. Payment will not be taken until October.

  • Waldo



    A  thornless early blackberry that produces good amounts of large, firm and glossy black in colour that are of excellent flavour. It also the bonus of developing smaller than usual seeds. The growth is moderate with semi erect canes that should be tied in as they grow to the angles required.

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  • Loganberry



    Loganberries are reliable croppers fruiting from mid July until late August. The berries ripen initially bright red before turning dark red or purple. For the most sweetness leave to ripen fully but pick before they become too full of juice to handle.

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  • Tayberry



    A cross between a Blackberry and a Raspberry and produces its fruit from early July until mid August. Like the Loganberry leave to ripen on the canes until dark red. Large, long sweet fruits up to 5cm long. The canes are moderately vigorous and quite prickly.

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Blackberries & Hybrid berries are enjoyable eaten raw straight from the bush. They are excellent addition to cereals at the breakfast table. Blackberries in particular complement apples and the addition of some into an apple pie or crumble enhances the flavours. To preserve the fruits they can be frozen or made into jams.