We have a wide selection of apple trees for sale. Select and buy dessert, culinary and cider apple tree varieties. All grown on our fruit tree nursery. As fruit tree growers we offer for sale apple trees on different rootstocks from dwarf to vigorous to suit all situations.

The apple trees are available to buy as one year 'maidens' ideal for training into different forms - bush trees, espaliers, cordons, etc. They are available barerooted being lifted and dispatched when dormant from late November onwards.

They vary in size according to the variety. For example D'Arcy Spice is always the smallest variety at around 90cm / 3' tall whereas Katy & Ribston Pippin are often around 1.8m / 6' tall. The average height would be 1.2- 1.5m (4-5' tall). Ideal for training into bush trees, cordons, espaliers, etc. Some varieties are a single stem whereas others are branched (feathered).

In our shops such a small range of apples are available for sale and yet we have such a rich heritage of successful fruit growing in the UK with many varieties of apple trees. We have available for sale many well known established apple tree varieties that you will be very lucky to be able to buy, aswell as some modern varieties for sale developed both in the UK and on the Continent that produce great tasting apples and have good disease resistance.

Apple trees have been cultivated in Britain since the Roman times and over the centuries many varieties have been introduced by breeding or chance seedlings, Bramley for example.  We offer for sale many well known apple tree varieties that have proved themselves in the UK aswell as some recent introductions from the UK and the continent such as Red Falstaff, Cevaal that produce a great tasting apple and have good disease resistance.

The earliest ripening apples can be picked from August and the latest into October. The later picked apples will keep a long time, well into the New Year in suitable conditions. The earliest varieties will not keep long and are best eaten straight off the tree or soon after picking. The storage times for each variety are detailed.

A few varieties of trees can be described as dual purpose. In other words they are good as a dessert apple and can be cooked. They are usually make large apples. The dual purpose apples we offer are Charles Ross, Blenheim Orange, Scotch Bridget & James Grieve.

We offer apple trees on a variety of rootstocks from dwarf to vigorous to suit all situations and tastes.
MM106 - moderate vigour
M26 - semi dwarfing
M9 - dwarfing
M25 - vigorous  

You may buy at any time of the year. We keep our availability up to date. We will then contact you to arrange delivery or collection when the plants have become dormant.