Tydemans Early Worcester

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A very useful early dessert apple. Good sized fruits that are round or round conical. Its skin colour becomes pale yellow greatly flushed crimson red with purplish crimson stripes. Apples are richly flavoured – sweet with a little acidity. Picked from mid August into September

Results from a cross between Worcester Pearmain and McIntosh at East Malling Research Station, Kent in 1929 by Mr Tydeman, introduced in 1945 and named much later in 1963.  The cross results in an early-season apple which takes after Worcester Pearmain and gets some extra sweetness and juiciness from McIntosh.

This variety is a partial tip bearer so is best avoided for growing as a cordon or espalier. However it is an underated variety that deserves to be grown more as a quality early apple.

 Pollination group C. Picking time - mid August. Storage until - mid September.

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