Tom Putt

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An old variety popular in south west England. Sharp in taste as a dessert, can be cooked and often used for cider. Its cider is dry & sharp that can be sweetened by blending. A very distinct apple being flat round in shape with prominent angular ribs which terminate at the base in a crown. Skin largely covered crimson red which appears as broad striping. Rootstock: MM106, M25

Arose in the west country being raised by Rev Thomas Putt or his uncle Tom Putt and became widely grown in peoples gardens of the area no doubt because of its versatility. The tree is a strong grower. If pruned heavily it quickly rejuvenates. Apples need to be harvested early - the earliest fall in late August, these can be affected by codling moth and the majority in early September.

Flowering time - early May  Harvest - early September

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