Plum rootstock St Julien A

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In the past a variety of rootstocks were used to graft plums onto including Myrobalan, Yellow Egg suckers, Marianna. In recent years St Julien 'A' has become the usual rootstock for growing plums.

Compatible with nearly all plum, damson & gage varieties St Julien 'A' is of moderate vigour, reaching 3.5-5.5m (12-18ft). Ideal for most situations resulting in trees with fruit at a pickable height.

St Julien 'A' is a selection of St Julien which in turn is a sub species of Prunus insititia, a species which also includes the Damson, Bullace & Mirabelle. On its own St Julien will result in a shrubby quite thorny tree producing damson like fruits. Best to graft a nice plum onto it!

These rootstocks will be 2 year non organic rootstocks.

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