Pitmaston Russet

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A flat round dessert apple that is covered with a smooth russet. The pale green skin is sometimes tinged red on its sunny side. Flesh has a sweet yet sharp taste followed by a nutty flavour that makes the apple resemble Egremont Russet.

Also known as Pitmaston Nonpareil or Pitmaston Russet Nonpareil. First came to light in 1818. Raised by John Williams 1773-1853, a Worcester businessman who had a variety of other interests including horticulture. He raised a number of established fruit tree varieties we grow including Apple Pitmaston Pinapple & Pear Pitmaston Duchess.

A blue plaque was unveiled in his memory on July 3, 2015 at Pitmaston House in the city where he lived probably from 1804 until the end of his life.

Pollination group - C  Picking time - mid October  Storage until - January

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