Pitmaston Pineapple

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A quite different and distinctive russet. Small golden yellow apples, oblong conical in shape covered with a fine russet. Sweet yet sharp. Honeyed flavour and nicely scented, but any pineapple flavour is difficult to distinguish. A neglected variety because of the apples small size, but is a feature in itself. A variety well worth growing. A fruiting tree in the autumn is an impressive sight with the golden apples contrasting with the yet to fall leaves.

Raised by John Williams 1773-1853, a Worcester businessman who had a variety of other interests including horticulture. He raised a number of established fruit tree varieties we grow including Apple Pitmaston Russet & Pear Pitmaston Duchess. A blue plaque was unveiled in his memory on July 3, 2015 at Pitmaston House in the city where he lived probably from 1804 until the end of his life.

Rootstock: MM106, M25, M26

Pollination group - C Picking time - early October Storage until - December

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