Orlean's Reinette

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A high quality late dessert apple that originates from France in 1700s. Apples of very good flavour - the creamy white flesh is sweet, juicy with a nutty flavour once the fruity juiciness has gone. The golden yellow skin flushed dull orange-red with a feel of russet along with large lenticel dots.

Medium to large flat round apples that are distinctly flattened at at either end. Have evidence of well rounded ribs. Large apples can be confused with Blenheim Orange because of its size, colour and shape but quite different in taste. It is a spur bearer & quite a strong grower with an upright spreading habit. A good apple to plant with others to have a spread of picking times.

There are a number of red dessert apples given the name 'Reinette' which means 'little queen' - probably an indication of quality when originally named. Interestingly on the continent Gages are often prefixed 'Reine Claude' - or Queen Claude (or maybe Claudia!)

Pollination group - D Picking time - mid October Storage until - January

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