Colwall Quoining

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A mid season dessert apple named after a village near Malvern, Colwall Quoining is a strong grower and fruits heavily. The medium sized roundish apples are prominantly ribbed from the base of the apple to its top from which protrudes a long stalk. The skin has a yeliow ground colour but is greatly dark red flushed and striped all over. The white flesh is juicy & rich in flavour.

Apples named Quoining, Quining or Queening are of an ancient group of apples distinguished by their angular shapes. With the different sorts not being recorded in the past it has led to confusion over the identification of the different sorts, Colwall Quoining included. It was oniy in 1949 taht material from this variety was sent to the National Fruit Collections.

Pollination group - C   Picking time - late sept/early Oct   Storage until - November

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