Chisel Jersey

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One of the 'Jersey' group of cider apples that originate fro Somerset. A bittersweet  - rich in tannin and sugar producing a cider of high quality, but even so benefitting from being blended with a sweeter cider. A late variety - fruit fall and are picked in November. Also late flowering so be careful when selecting pollination partners if no other cider varieties around. Dabinett does not pollinate it and vice versa.

There has been much speculation over the name Jersey including 'jaisey' meaning bitter in local somerset dialect to trees having being derived from seed of bittersweet apples from the Channel Isles in times of shortage in Somerset orchards. Chesil is an old english name for pebble - which small Chisel Jersey may resemble.  Apples conical, dark brownish pink flushed and striped red. Often irregular in size but generally of medium size. Late ripening fruit - from November. Flower late in May.  

Flowering time - late May  Harvest time - early November

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