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The most well known of culinary apples that first arose just over 200 years ago from a seedling. The original tree is still growing in Southwell, Nottinghamshire! Also known as Bramley's Seedling having arisen as a seedling of unknown origin between 1809 & 2013. Bramley is THE English cooking apple, and has become renowned world wide. Though there are many high quality culinary apples, of which we grow a number, they can sometimes be forgotten. Its sharpness, strong flavour and high acidity together with its excellent storage qualities make it deservedly our most popular cooking apple.

Bramley does have a couple of downsides however. It is a triploid variety so will not pollinate others, so bear this in mind if planting other apples. Being triploid it is a strong grower and will grow more sizeable than other trees on a similar rootstock. If space is limited use a more dwarfing rootstock or consider Bramley 20 which has up to 30% less vigour but is just as productive. 

Usually seen in the shops as bright green as in the photo, but will develop a nice red flush on their sun exposed side like in the photo of Bramley 20. Rootstock availability: MM106, M26, M27

Pollination group - C  Picking time - mid October  Storage until - March

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