Annie Elizabeth

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A very good late keeping culinary variety. Generally round in shape, striped quarter to a half pinky red with some crimson red striping. Can be five crowned at the apex  with well defined ribbing.  Moderately acid cooking to a greenish yellow fluff. Excellent keeper. Like most culinary varieties apples are large.  Rootstock: MM106, M26

Said to keep its shape when cooked by one source and cooks to a fluff by another. I don’t quite understand all this, there are variables. How long the apple is cooked for, its condition before cooking. Cook any apple long enough and it will break down to a fluff.

Anyway Annie Elizabeth is of sharp flavour. Pick in mid October and in good storage will keep until June. Just think with careful planning and good conditions you could have your own produce all year round starting with Cherries in June going through plums, pears, apples and through to the following June with long keeping apples & Pears Worcester Black

Pollination group - D  Picking time - mid October  Storage until - May

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