'Rootgrow + Gel' Mycorrhizal fungi

  • Price: £10.99

The benefits of plant friendly mycorrhizal fungi are well documented including improving plant establishment. 'Mycorrhiza' literally means 'fungus root' and describes the intimate association between plant roots and various fungi. Apparently more than 85% of land plants associate with mycorrhizal fungi to the benefit of both partners. The fungi pass mineral nutrients onto the plants, likewise the plants feed the fungi sugars which enable the fungi to spread & search further. Effectively the plants root area is vastly increased.  

Though naturally within the soil the use of Mycorrhizal fungi satchet(s) when planting will:

- increase uptake of nutrients, particularly phosphorus.

- improve resistance to drought.

- reduce the need for fertilisers because the fungi will be supplying more nutrients. However their impact will be slower more long term than applying many fertilizers

- if replanting an area can help overcome replant problems.

Suitable for larger quantities of trees making a liquid dip that coats the roots with mycorrhizal fungi. Following the packet instructions mix the enclosed gel powder with water to make a solution the consistency of wallpaper paste then mix in the fungi granules so they are evenly suspended in the mixture.  360g packets enough for around 20-25 trees.