The Fruit Tree Nursery

Situated in the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire the nursery has been established to concentrate on growing organic fruit trees and offer a wide selection of fruit trees for sale. The trees have been grown without pesticides on land that is managed sustainably to the benefit of the soil and the surrounding environment.

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As an organic grower our production techniques that rely on maintaining and building up the fertility of the soil through green manures and organic matter rather than fertilisers. Walcot Nursery is licensed by the Soil Association.

The trees are available as one year 'maiden' trees, ideal for training into larger trees and different forms. Many of the varieties grown are traditional ones with some modern varieties that show high degrees of resistance to any diseases to which fruit trees are susceptible. They are suitable for growers who wish to keep the use of pesticides to a minimum.

Trees are available bare-rooted from November onwards. They may be collected, delivered by carrier or delivered at cost locally. You are welcome to inspect the trees by appointment at any time.

You can buy fruit trees at any time. We will acknowledge any order, reserve and contact you near the time to arrange delivery or collection.

We are open to customers for viewing, advice & collecting trees over the winter months. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9-5pm & Saturdays (October to April) 10-1pm.

The varieties and their details can be viewed in the catalogue section.

We hope you enjoy this website and look forward to hearing from you.

Organic cultivation excludes the use of coventional pesticides while only approved fungicides and insecticides such as liquid soap are permitted.

However, organic cultivation is much more than this: it is about producing in a sustainable manner for the continuing benefit of the soil, plants, animals, people and our environment.

This involves less intensive cropping rotations, building up the fertility of the soil by applying manures and leys, encouraging predatory insects, avoiding contamination by genetically modified products, managing hedgerows for the benefit of wildlife.

Purchase an organic fruit tree and you will be sure how it has been produced. This must be reassuring whether you garden organically or not.

If you would like to see a copy of our Organic Certificate and Trading Schedule please contact us or click below.

Soil Association Accreditations

Plant Health

All our materials originate from high-grade, virus-free plants and are regularly checked by DEFRA plant health inspectors.

This all ensures that your trees leave the nursery as healthy as possible for a good start to their life.